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Designated Fund Grants

The Oregon Community Foundation makes distributions annually in the form of grants from designated funds that have been established by donors for the support of one or more charitable organizations. These grants are not open for applications.

  • Grant Distributions

    Grant Distributions

    Designated funds are created by donors to support a specific charitable organization(s). OCF currently has over 300 designated funds (see next tab) making over 600 grants benefiting over 350 nonprofits each year. Most distributions are made in July.

    We are pleased to announce that OCF can directly deposit designated grant distributions electronically. We will provide this service starting in 2018. If you are interested, please download and complete the Automated Clearing House Form. Due to security concerns we ask that you do not email the completed form. Please follow the instructions on the form for returning it to OCF.



  • OCF Designated Funds

    OCF Designated Funds

    Alan James Fund
    Albany Library Scharpf Endowment Fund
    Alfred J. Huber Fund
    Alice Robitschek Fund
    Alumni Fund for Eugene International High School
    Ames-Fluhrer Charitable Fund
    Animal Aid Fund
    Annabelle and Henry Houser Family Charitable Gift Fund
    Anonymous Fund #16
    Anonymous Fund #52
    Anthony and Adele Smith Designated Fund
    Arthur Honeyman Fund
    Arthur James Boucot Research Fund
    Arthur Perry Memorial Fund
    Beaumont-Rogers Tryon Creek Children's Fund
    Ben and Elaine Whiteley Fund for Pacific University
    Ben and Elaine Whiteley Fund for Portland Opera Association
    Bernards-Hermens Fund
    Betty L. Baker Fund
    Betty Long Unruh - Mercy Medical Center Fund
    Betty Long Unruh Arts Fund
    Betty Long Unruh Theatre Fund
    Bosco-Milligan Fund
    Boys & Girls Club Community Endowment Subfund of the Boys & Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon Endowment Parent Fund
    Bruce and Sharon Douglas Designated Fund
    Bud R. Moore and Wynema N. Moore Fund
    Byron Ruppel Fund
    C.S. Jackson Memorial Library Fund
    Catherine H. Percival Fund
    Cecil R. and Elaine H. Armes Memorial Fund for the Friends of Mt. Pisgah Arboretum
    Central Lutheran Church Pastor P.J. Luvaas Memorial Fund
    Chambers Family Fund
    Charles and Lynne Humble Fund
    Charles and Norma Beek Charitable Fund
    Christine and C. F. Swigert, Jr. Endowment Fund for the Benefit of OMSI
    Christine and C. F. Swigert, Jr. Endowment Fund for the Benefit of OMSI/Matching
    Clackamas Mental Health Fund
    Clayton and Edith Strain Memorial Fund
    Club 53 Endowment Fund
    Collister Wheeler Fund
    Cooley Family Fund for Critical Research
    Cornelius and Mildred Dixon Memorial Fund
    Cottage Theatre Endowment Subfund
    D.J. Conway and Josephine Vilott Woolery Conway Fund
    Dean L. Baker Fund
    Decherd Fund
    Donald and Maxine Stookey Memorial Fund
    Donald H. Frank Designated Subfund
    Donald Sterling City Club Fund
    Dorothea M. Lensch Fund
    Dorothy E. Stewart Fund
    Dorothy Hester Stenzel Fund
    Dorothy M. Bumala Fund
    Douglas County Youth Orchestra Fund
    Dr. John Wm. and Betty Long Unruh Portland Art Museum Fund
    Dr. John Wm. and Betty Long Unruh UCC Performing Arts Fund
    Dr. Kenneth C. Swan Endowment Fund
    Dr. Wilbur and Bonnie Andreson Jay Johnson Memorial Endowment Subfund of the Gold Beach Education Fund
    Drain Civic Center Fund
    E. J. and Ursula Badger Fund
    Earl and Jane Ferguson Fund
    Ed Cauduro Fund for Pacific Northwest College of Art
    Edna L. Holmes Literary Arts Fund
    Eileen Maret Brown Fund
    Elaine and Vittz-James Ramsdell Fund
    Eleanor Lieber Auditions Fund
    Elizabeth Church Clarke Fund
    Elizabeth N. Gray Fund-Arbor School of Arts and Sciences Subfund
    Elizabeth N. Gray Fund-OHSU Foundation Casey Eye Institute Subfund
    Elizabeth N. Gray Fund-OHSU Foundation General Subfund
    Elizabeth N. Gray Fund-OHSU Foundation Subfund in Memory of Edward Cooley
    Elizabeth N. Gray Fund-OHSU School of Nursing Subfund
    Elizabeth N. Gray Fund-Oregon Symphony Association Subfund
    Elizabeth Till Fund
    Elk Rock Garden Fund
    Ella Munro Burdin Fund
    Elsa and Marjorie Goodyear Eugene Public Library Endowment Fund
    Emilie F. and Don C. Frisbee Fund
    Eugene Visual Arts Endowment - Arts Foundation of Western Oregon Fund
    Evans Family Music Scholarship Fund
    Everett Hill Fund
    Everett R. Coovert Fund
    F. Willis Smith Fund
    F. Willis Smith Subfund of the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon Endowment Fund
    Frances W. Winslow Fund
    Francine Foreman Stauffer Endowment Fund
    Frank Hood Young Video/Filmmakers Fund
    Frank W. and Mabel Settlemier Fund
    Franklin G. Drake Fund
    Frederick J. Artz and Jane C. Artz Fund
    Frederick O. Rankin Eugene Public Library Endowment Fund
    Friends of Astoria Column Fund
    Friends of Equamore Foundation Fund
    Friends of Menucha Fund
    Friends of St. Francis Fund
    Friends of the Mounted Patrol Fund
    Friends of Vernonia Public Schools Fund
    Fund for Douglas County Youth Orchestra
    Garthe and Grace L. Brown Fund
    Garthe Brown and Grace L. Brown Fund II
    George and Sarah Bottoms Fund
    Gleason Family Designated Fund
    Goldy Family Designated Fund
    Gordon Hunter Fund
    Gordon Strain Memorial Fund
    Grant High School Class of '46 Needs-Benefit Fund
    Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services at Oregon State University Fund
    Gray Family Foundation Fund
    Greg Lane Memorial Fund for the Arts and Sciences
    H.M. (Matt) Pihl, Sr. Family Fund
    Hallie E. Ford Endowment Fund for Arts in Education
    Harriet M. Winton Fund
    Hart Mental Health Fund
    Hatfield Archivist Fund
    Helen M. Swindells Tenant Relief Fund
    Herbert and Betty Spady Fund
    Hope and Faith Fund
    Hospice Assistance Fund
    Hubert and Ludmila Schlesinger Fund
    Hughes Family Fund fbo Enterprise High School
    Isam and Rose White Fund
    J.L. and M.F. Murdock Family Fund
    James G. and Ruth E. Smith Designated Fund
    James V. Norlen Memorial Fund
    Jaqua Fund
    Jerry and Evelyn Reed Memorial Fund
    Jesse Applegate Pioneer Historical Cemetery Fund
    Jim McBroom and John H. Weston Charitable Fund
    Jim S. and Mildred W. Whipple Fund
    Joe and Teresa Greco Memorial Fund
    John and Carol Hampton Endowment Fund for the Portland Opera
    John and Frances Winslow Family Fund
    John and Ginger Niemeyer Clackamas Community College Funds for Excellence Subfund
    John D. Gray Audubon Society of Portland Fund
    John D. Gray Friends of Tryon Creek State Park Fund
    John Gillilan/Tim Torrey Memorial Fund
    John Mosser Fund
    John S. Ettelson Fund
    John S. Winslow Fund
    John W. and Isabelle S. Woolcott Fund
    Juan Young Fund I
    Juan Young Fund II
    Juan Young Fund III
    Juan Young Fund IV
    Juan Young Fund V
    Juan Young Fund VI
    Juan Young Fund VII
    Jules E.F. Kessler Fund
    JumpstART Fund
    Karen M. Schroth Fund
    Katherine Bisbee Fund - Cemetery
    Katherine Bisbee Fund - Nature Conservancy
    Katherine Bisbee Fund - Spray
    Katherine Bisbee II Fund
    KMDsm Fund
    Knight Cancer Institute Endowed Fund
    Knight Community Information Challenge Fund
    Kochis Family Fund for Kings Valley Charter School
    Kurt and Lois Olsen Designated Subfund
    L.L. Stewart Northwestern School of Law Fund
    L.L. Stewart Oregon State Parks Student Internship Fund
    L.L. Stewart Oregon State Parks Volunteer Award Fund
    La Grande School District - McManus Endowment Fund
    Lake Oswego Adult Center Fund
    Landrum E. Baker Fund
    Lawrence H. Pierce Fund A
    Lawrence H. Pierce Fund B
    Leeanne J. MacColl Fund
    Leland C. and Erna N. Ratcliff Fund
    Leland C. Ratcliff Fund
    Leland C. Ratcliff Fund
    Lena L. Pierce Fund
    Leon and Esther Feldstein Fund
    Leslie and Dorothy Sherman Fund
    Library Association of Portland Endowment Fund
    Library Association of Portland Reserve Fund
    Lina H. Sturgis Memorial Library Fund
    M. Jean Sullivan Fund
    Mabel and Allan MacKenzie Designated Fund
    Manford L. Rathbun Memorial Scholarship Fund
    March Wellness Cardio Therapy Fund
    Margaret E. Hull Fund
    Margaret E. Hull Fund for South Benton Nutrition Program
    Margaret E. Hull Mercy Ships Fund
    Mark and Melody Teppola Family Fund
    Mark and Nichol Pendell Rauch Fund
    Martha Baker Russell Subfund - Arts Foundation of Western Oregon
    Mary Duby Honderich Designated Fund
    Mary E. and Carl W. Finstrom Designated Subfund
    Mary E. Horstkotte Designated Subfund
    Maxine Horton Rowan / Hult Center for the Performing Arts Subfund of the Arts Foundation of Western Oregon
    Meals on Wheels - Case and Velma Hamlin Designated Fund
    Merle R. and Frances M. Gilb Fund
    Merta J. Mason Fund
    Michael and Christine Crossland Fund
    Michael John Okie Fund
    Michael V. Reed Fund
    Mike and Laura Naumes Designated Fund
    Miriam Rosenfeld Memorial Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Stewart Subfund I
    Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Stewart Subfund II
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Mersereau, Jr. Fund
    Nancy R. Chandler Visiting Scholar Program
    Neighbors for Kids Fund
    Newman Foundation of OSU Endowment Fund
    North Coast Land Conservancy Endowment Fund II
    North Coast Land Conservancy Endowment Fund II
    O'Connor Family Fund
    Ophelia's Place Endowment Fund
    Oregon Designated Fund
    Oregon Latino Scholarship Fund
    Pendleton Public Library Fund
    Pietro and Marjorie B. Belluschi Designated Fund
    Property Maintenance Fund for the First Christian Church at Portland, Oregon
    Recil and Violet Watson Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Fund
    Reggie Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund - BE
    Richard J. and Linda M. Carney Fund
    Richard Robinson Fund
    Robert C. and Betty E. Janeway Fund
    Robert E. Burleigh Fund
    Robert M. and Cecilia A. Stuckart Fund
    Robert O. Simons Designated Fund II
    Robin Jaqua Relief Nursery Fund
    Rodney W. and Martha G. Tripp Memorial Fund
    Roger G. Hewitt Fund for Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon
    Ron Trolle and C. Helyn Trolle Endowment Fund
    Rose A. Ellison Designated Fund
    Roy R. and Laurie M. Cummins Fund
    Ruel D. Gierhart Eugene Public Library Permanent Endowment Fund
    Rural Nursing Excellence Endowment Fund
    Ruth Henderson Fund
    Sarah (Richter) Ritchie Fund
    Scott and Pamela Gibson Family Designated Fund
    Scotty and Buena Washburn Endowment Funds
    Seaside Scholarships Endowment Fund
    Sidney and Lillian Zetosch Fund
    Sir James and Lady McDonald Designated Fund
    South Benton Community Enhancement Fund
    Speroff Family Fund
    Stamper Family Endowment Subfund of the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon Endowment Parent Fund
    Sumner and Adele Rodriguez Fund
    Sunshine Division Inc. Fund
    Talent Library Fund
    Talmer and Selma Dybvad Fund
    Terence O'Donnell Fund
    The Combined Fund for the Eugene Public Library
    The Domenico and Giovanna Pontrelli Endowment Fund
    The Hendricks Park Native Plant Garden Fund
    The James S. and Ivy T. Stacy Fund
    The Lucky Dog Fund
    The Marjorie Ann Kundiger Fund
    Thomas Wrightson Fund
    Tokio Pat and Florence K. Matsushita Endowment Fund
    Tom and Gloria Hillstrom Fund
    Vera and Lawrence Rockwood Fund
    Verl and Dorothy Miller Designated Subfund
    Vincent and Virginia Moore Fund
    Vincent and Virginia Moore Fund No. 2
    Walter and Clora Brownfield Animal Fund
    Walter and Clora Brownfield Sunshine Fund
    Walter G. and Marija C. Kuzman Designated Fund
    Warren Youth Athletic Scholarship Fund
    Whitaker Ponds Endowment Fund
    Wilberger Foundation Benton County Search and Rescue Fund
    Wilberger Foundation Linn County Search and Rescue Fund
    Wilford H. and Janice E. Belknap Fund
    William D. and Ruth D. Roy Fund
    William G. and Ruth T. Evans Designated Fund
    William H. and Cathy A. Stoller Fund
    William H. Hunt Oregon Symphony Association Fund
    William J. Sweet Tennis Center Subfund of the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon Endowment Fund
    William Sterling Findlay and Susan Halton Findlay Fund I
    William Sterling Findlay and Susan Halton Findlay Fund II
    William Sterling Findlay and Susan Halton Findlay Fund III
    Winifred Glossop and Asenath Evans Fund
    Western Lane Community Foundation Funds
    Youth Shelter House Endowment  Fund
    Zuko and Sophie Fund


  • Grantee Reporting

    Grantee Reporting

    OCF has changed the reporting system for designated grants. Reports are electronic and only required from selected organizations based on the criteria below. Selected grantees will receive an email with with their electronic form(s). 
    The report, due by March 1st, details how the funds were used and outlines plans to spend any carryover funds. These reports are reviewed by OCF's staff. If it is determined that the funds were used appropriately, the next year's distribution is approved at a board of directors meeting in May, followed by actual payment in July.
    Criteria for reports:
    • Organizations receiving $20,000 or more in designated grants will be required to report each year
    • Organizations receiving less than $20,000 will report at least once every three years. 

    Institutional Scholarship Reports

    Grants that are made specifically for institutions to distribute as scholarships are on a different timeline than other designated grants. They are approved by the OCF education committee in April and distributed in late April or early May. An institutional scholarship report will be emailed to you for completion by December 1.

  • Staff Assistance

    Staff Assistance

    Tips for Nonprofits Communicating with OCF (PDF). Tips, guidelines and FAQ's before you contact OCF

    If you need assistance with designated fund grants, please contact:

    If you need assistance with institutional scholarship grants, please contact: