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Arts Foundation of Western Oregon Fund

The Arts Foundation of Western Oregon (AFWO) Fund was established in 1997 to support the arts, sustain artistic creativity and build a more vibrant local arts community in Lane County.   

  • Overview


    Comprising 10 separate subfunds, AFWO has had a significant impact on visual and performing arts in Lane County. Each of AWFO's funds was created to support specific arts programs or meet general needs, based on donor interests.

    Every year, AFWO distributes more than $400,000 in funding. AWFO relies on Eugene-area volunteers to sit on grant committees, research proposals, and serve as liaisons to the OCF board of directors, ensuring a community-based process.

  • Competitive Grants

    Competitive Grants

    The following funds are open for applications and nominations.

    Bishop Endowment

    Lee and Hester Bishop created this fund in 1982 to establish the annual Eugene Arts and Letters Award.  Recipients are residents of Eugene who have contributed to the enrichment of our cultural life through their involvement in arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, music, drama, theatre, dance, opera) and letters (prose and poetry). Nominations from the public are sought in the spring by the Bishop/Fentress advisory committee. The award is presented in June of each year by the mayor of Eugene. 

    Hult Endowment

    Established by Nils and Jewel Hult, the purpose of the Hult Endowment is to encourage and aid the local production of performances in the Hult Center for the Performing Arts by individuals and groups with national and international reputation and stature in the performing arts, as well as to support and assist local artists and groups. Proposals are accepted in the fall of each year from the Hult Center and its resident companies. Applicants do not have to be resident companies; however, the projects must be intended to be performed at the Hult Center.

    For more information, please download the Hult Endowment Policy Guidelines and Grant Application Procedures. Also see the Hult Endowment Work Sample Guidelines.

    Silva Endowment

    The Silva Endowment provides assistance to area arts organizations so that they can continue to serve the artistic needs of our community, specifically as this relates to performance in the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Proposals are requested annually in February from the resident companies of the Hult Center.

  • Designated Funds

    Designated Funds

    These funds support specific programs and are not open for applications.

    • Cottage Theatre Endowment Fund provides annual operating support to Cottage Theatre in Cottage Grove.
    • Fentress Endowment. Carroll and Harriet Fentress established this endowment as “our drop or two in the bucket of Eugene’s cultural future.”  The endowment awards an annual grant to support a performing and/or visual arts group in Eugene. OCF makes this award with the guidance of the Bishop/Fentress advisory committee.  
    • Martha Baker Russell Fund. This designated fund was established from the estate of Martha Baker Russell and makes annual payments to Eugene Symphony Association, Eugene Opera and Eugene Ballet Company.
    • Maxine Horton Rowan Fund. Established by the estate of Maxine Horton Rowan, this fund provides annual distributions for the exclusive purpose of maintaining or improving the Hult Center for the Performing Arts.
    • Mildred Baker Endowment for the Arts supports projects that will enhance the quality of the arts in the circulation area of the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper. The OCF board of directors accepts recommendations for grant awards from an advisory committee consisting of the lineal descendants of Mildred Baker.
    • Special Projects Fund. This fund holds funding for special projects of The Arts Foundation of Western Oregon. For instance, it was recently used to hold funds raised to support the acoustics Improvement project for the Hult Center.



  • Staff Assistance

    Staff Assistance

    If you have any questions after reviewing the information available on this page, please contact:

    • John Moriarty, Program Officer, Southern Willamette Valley & South Coast, at or 541.431.7099