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Community Wellness Fund

The Community Wellness Fund of the The Oregon Community Foundation is the result of the Centene Corporation’s purchase of Trillium Community Health Plan, creating a $1 million fund to support organizations that assist in improving the health and wellness of Oregon Health Plan members.

  • Overview


    The Community Wellness Fund invites proposals from governmental agencies, federally recognized tribes or an organization classified by the IRS with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Grant recommendations are made to the OCF board of directors by an advisory committee consisting of individuals nominated by the Community Wellness Fund Committee.

  • Scope of Proposals

    Scope of Proposals Sought

    The Oregon Community Foundation seeks proposals to improve engagement, activation, and/or participation of the Oregon Health Plan (Trillium Medicare/Medicaid population) members in their own health, healthy behaviors, clinical visits, and more appropriate use of the health care delivery system.

    Projects that address one or more of the following will be considered:

    • Improving patient activation and participation in their personal and family’s health
    • Defining strategies for improved and more effective communication and outreach to members, including:
      • More effective appointment scheduling
      • Better compliance with medication regimens
      • Participation in healthy behavior classes/programs, e.g. yoga, eating/shopping instruction, food preparation, etc.
    • Reorientation and redirection of members away from the Emergency Department Room and Urgent Care centers for their routine care and toward their assigned primary care medical home
  • Application Procedures

    Application Procedures

    The application window for 2018 is not open at this time. Please check back soon for an updated Request for Proposal and deadline. 

    All applications must include:

    1) An application summary form (see sidebar to download)

    2) A narrative Word or PDF document that does not exceed 5 pages containing the following:

    a) A clear, concise project title.

    b) A one-paragraph abstract succinctly describing the project being proposed.

    c) A narrative describing in greater detail the project and the applicant organization.

    d) A description of the people or groups potentially benefiting from the project.

    e) A description of the research and evidence upon which the project will be built.

    f)  A description of the specific outcomes for the project, and the metrics and milestones that will be achieved through the project.

    g) If appropriate, an explanation on plans for future financing of the proposed


    3) A project budget detailing both projected revenue and expenditures

    4) A copy of the applicant’s 501(c)(3) tax determination letter, or documentation of tax-exempt status.

    5) A copy of the applicant’s most recent full fiscal year’s final financial statement

    Review Process

    Applications are reviewed by the Community Wellness Fund Advisory Committee. It's anticipated that a final decision will be made by OCF’s board in April. OCF staff will be in touch if additional information is required; otherwise, you will be notified by letter following the board decision.

  • Grantee Reporting

    Grantee Reporting

    Applicants receiving a grant from the Community Wellness Fund will be expected to report on the use of the funds at 6 month intervals following the award date until completion of the project.

    The evaluation form can be downloaded from the sidebar under "Community Wellness Fund Forms."

    Reports should be sent to by the date specified in the grant award letter.

  • Staff Assistance

    Staff Assistance

    If you have any questions after reviewing the information available on this page, please contact: