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The Oregon Parks Foundation Fund

The Oregon Parks Foundation Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation was created in 2009 by the Oregon Parks Foundation. This fund supports the acquisition, preservation and restoration of Oregon's native landscape, as well as environmental, recreational and educational improvements to public parks throughout the state of Oregon. 

  • Overview


    The Oregon Parks Foundation was founded in 1979 with the primary purpose of creating parks. It became a community advised fund of The Oregon Community Foundation in 2009. The Fund’s purpose is to support acquisition, preservation, and restoration of Oregon’s park land and to also support environmental, recreational, and educational improvements to public parks throughout the state of Oregon.

    The Oregon Parks Foundation (OPF) Fund invites proposals from nonprofit organizations and public agencies at the community, district, county or regional level. Grant recommendations are made to the OCF board of directors by an advisory committee created by the Oregon Parks Foundation. Grants disbursed by the OPF Fund generally range from $1,000 to $5,000. Larger grants may occasionally be considered for unique or special projects.

  • Eligibility


    The Oregon Parks Foundation Fund seeks requests for funding that support the acquisition of natural parks and outdoor recreational and educational opportunities within parks. The following types of expenses will be considered:

    • land protection and acquisition
    • habitat restoration
    • enhancement of the outdoor experience, e.g., trail construction and interpretive signage
    • park-related ecological education programs

    Competitive proposals should demonstrate one or more of the following qualities:

    • Strong connection to parks and/or publicly-accessible, native undeveloped land
    • Strong park-related educational component for youth and/or adults
    • Promotes connectivity (land acquisition and trail projects)
    • Strong community-based support (participation from other donors, volunteers, in-kind donations, and collaboration with other agency partners, school districts, etc.)
    • Provides park opportunities and access for underserved communities (e.g., low-income, minority, rural populations)
    • A grant from OPF will clearly make a difference (i.e. close the funding gap, leverage other sources of support)

    The committee accepts applications from private, tax-exempt non-profit organizations and public agencies within the State of Oregon, with a preference for smaller, community-based organizations. Organizations with a demonstrated track record in planning and implementing park-related projects will also receive preference.

    The OPF Fund does not make grants for the following types of activities/expenses:

    • Projects based outside of Oregon
    • Requests for operating support, including ongoing administrative and program expenses, unless a compelling case can be made that support from OPF will strengthen or stabilize the organization and/or programs in a clear way
    • Large capital projects where a $1,000 - $5,000 grant would have a lesser impact
    • One-time excursion activities
    • Deficit financing and debt retirement
    • Recreational facilities such as fencing, soccer fields, swimming pool construction, ball field lighting, sewer and water systems, landscaping or maintenance
    • Projects likely to be long delayed
  • Application Guidelines

    Application Guidelines

    Applications will be accepted through MyOCF, The Oregon Community Foundation's online grants portal. For organizations who have applied in the past, the format and narrative questions will be fairly similar. Please review the OPFF online application questions for guidance if you'd like to preview the questions before you begin your application. The online application also requires the following attachments:

    • A project budget detailing both projected revenue and expenditures
    • A copy of the applicant’s 501(c)(3) tax determination letter.
    • A copy of the applicant’s most recent full fiscal year’s final financial statement

    Request for Proposals

    For a complete guide on the Oregon Parks Foundation Fund, please review the 2019 Request for Proposals


    The application window for 2019 is open from January 7, 2019 to February 15, 2019.

    Replies to Applications

    The applicant will be notified in writing when the application has been acted upon by the board of directors of The Oregon Community Foundation.

  • Grantee Reporting

    Grantee Reporting

    Applicants receiving a grant from the OPF Fund will be expected to report on the use of the funds nine months following the award date. Reports are available here, and should be sent to

  • Staff Assistance

    Staff Assistance

    If you have any questions after reviewing the information available on this page, please contact:

    • Marcy Houle: 503.621.1018
    • Michael Achterman, Associate Program Officer: or 503.227.6846