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Small Arts & Culture Grants

To support small, community-driven arts and culture organizations statewide.

  • Overview


    One-year operating support grants of $1,000 to $5,000 for arts and culture organizations with operating budgets under $100,000. Funds are allocated to each of Oregon’s eight regions.

    2018 Grantees

    107 Small Arts & Culture Grants were awarded throughout Oregon, totaling $300,000. For a complete list of grantees, please click on the following link:

    2018 Small Arts & Culture Grantees

  • Eligibility


    The purpose of the Small Arts and Culture Grant Program is to make funds available to very small organizations that might ordinarily have difficulty attracting philanthropic support. In order to be eligible organizations must:

    • Be incorporated with a mission identifying arts and/or culture as a priority reason for the organization’s existence
    • Be a certified 501(c)3 tax exempt organization in good standing with the IRS. Fiscal sponsorships are allowed.
    • Be headquartered in Oregon
    • Document that the cash expenses of the organization during the most recently completed fiscal year were less than $100,000
    • Submit a complete grant application through MyOCF, our online application system
    • Be prepared to use the awarded funds completely within one year of receipt
    • Submit only one application per year for no less than $1,000 and no more than $5,000


  • Application Guidelines

    Application Guidelines

    Applications not being accepting at this time.

    Please check back in March of 2019 for updates regarding eligibility, timeline, and process.

    We anticipate the grant application window for this program will move to an April 1st application date and May 15th deadline in 2019. Notification will be sent to prior applicants once all details about this shift are confirmed.


  • Staff Assistance

    Staff Assistance

    Tips for Nonprofits Communicating with OCF (PDF). Tips, guidelines and FAQ's before you contact OCF

    Additional question? Please email us at We will respond by email or phone as appropriate.

  • FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions (2018)


    Will this be an annual grant program?

    The program is likely to continue for several years, but there is no guarantee.                                             

    Can an organization apply each year whether they are denied or granted an award?


    The program eligibility criteria require that the organization’s operating expenses be under $100,000. What if last year’s budget meets the criteria, but this year’s budget does not?

    Use only the last completed fiscal year’s actual expenses as reported to the IRS to determine your organization’s eligibility.

    What if the organization is over the annual allotted budget?

    It is ineligible to apply.

    Why is funding limited to operating support as opposed to including project support as well?

    In an effort to respond to input from non-profits and community stakeholders, and in recognition that operating support can be especially challenging for small groups, OCF will continue to focus on this need for small arts and culture organizations.

    What if our organizations is not a 501(c)3? 

    Proposals must come from tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations.  An organization may use a fiscal sponsor in some circumstances.  Please refer to the 2018 Request for Proposals for more information.

    Does an organization have to be in business for a certain amount of time in order to apply?


    Does an organization need to have paid staff to be competitive for a grant?


    Can an organization apply to Small Arts and other OCF grant programs in the same year/cycle?  


    How can I get help for filling out the on-line grant application?

    Step-by-step instructions can be found within the online grant application portal.

    Can an organization request multi-year funding?


    Can the grant funds be used to purchase equipment?


    What will the decisions about who gets funded be based on? 

    Proposals will be judged based on: impact, feasibility and community support.

    Can grant funds be used for one-time events?


    Can grant funds be used to pay staff and artists?


    How long do we have to spend the grant?

    One year.

    If you still have questions after reviewing this FAQ, please contact