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Reed and Carolee Walker Fund

This fund was established at OCF in 2003 by a generous bequest from Ashland residents Reed and Carolee Walker. It represents a permanent endowment, with earnings to be used exclusively to support programs for the needy, especially children, in Jackson County.

  • Program Guidelines

    The Reed and Carolee Walker Fund Grant Program

    Improving the Health and Well-Being of Children in Poverty

    It was the desire of the donors that the Walker Fund be used to help low-income people, particularly children.  Reed Walker’s will said in part: “Preference shall be given to organizations that provide food, shelter, emergency needs services and other services to the poor and needy in Jackson County and that provide an opportunity for those living in poverty be become more self-sufficient … In addition, preference shall be given to organizations and elementary schools that provide health, clothing, nutrition services, emergency needs, enhancement programs and field trips for children living in poverty.”

    Please review the Walker Fund Grant Program Guidelines for more information about:

    • Funding priorities
    • Program details
    • Guiding principles
    • Competitiveness
  • Application Guidelines

    Application Guidelines

    Online applications for the Reed and Carolee Walker Fund are accepted through MYOCF, our online application system. Only projects serving Jackson County are eligible for Walker Funds.


    NEW APPLICATION DATES: Applications open on December 10th and are accepted until 11:59pm on February 10th each year. Grant decisions are made in early May. 

    Large organizations with distinctly different program areas may submit more than one application per year to the Reed and Carolee Walker Fund; however, we encourage multiple requests to be combined into a single application when possible. If you have questions about multiple applications, please contact Amy Drake at

    When you are ready to begin, please visit the online application system, My OCF. If you already have some or all of the answers to the application questions in an electronic document, you may cut and paste your text into the online application. Also, you do not need to complete the application in one sitting. You may answer some of the questions, save your work, close out of the system, and then return to it another day to add to your work.

    These are documents you will be uploading at the end of your application:

    • 501(c)3 letter from the IRS
    • Board list
    • Project budget detail for the current application year, with income and expenses
    • Organization budget detail for the current year
    • Organization budget actuals and balance sheet for the prior year
    • For organizations with an annual budget of $1 million or more, the most recent audit.  Please indicate how often the organization has an audit.


  • Grantee Reporting

    Grantee Reporting

    Progress reports are embedded in the Walker Fund application due February 10 (approximately nine months after the grant award). If you are not submitting an application for a “previously funded project,” in lieu of a progress report please fill out a final report (the report form is on the OCF web site, and the report is due Aug 1st). Final reports are not required if you are reapplying for the same project.  Grant award letters contain specific information about reporting requirements.

    A note about final reports: Final reports are not required for the majority of grantees. Please complete a final report only if (1) you received a grant and did not report on your progress via a new application by February 10th, or (2) you are at the end of a multi-year Legacy grant, or (3) OCF staff has specifically requested a final report.

    Once you have completed your final report form, please email it to

  • Staff Assistance

    Staff Assistance

    Tips for Nonprofits Communicating with OCF (PDF). Tips, guidelines and FAQ's before you contact OCF

    Medford Office: 541.773.8987

    Portland Office: 503.227.6846