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We believe that our community’s future depends on education. And our donors agree. 

With 500 funds that make higher education and training more accessible through scholarships, OCF has one of the largest scholarship programs of its kind in the country. In 2018, OCF awarded $10.4 million through 3,560 individual scholarships.

Scholarships are available for graduates of specific high schools, students interested in a certain subject, and many other types of students. If you’re interested in pursuing higher education, we probably have a scholarship that can help you realize your dream. 

To learn about some of the most promising practices in scholarship administration, we encourage you to read our scholarship research brief.  

  • Scholarships Through OSAC

    OCF Scholarships Administered Through the Office of Student Access and Completion

    OCF has partnered with the Office of Student Access and Completion for nearly 30 years. OSAC is a state agency whose mission is to help Oregon students attain a post-secondary education.

    By contracting with OSAC to administer more than 380 of its scholarship programs, OCF permits students to complete a single application form to be eligible for scholarships from OCF and from a number of other public and private sources.

    To review the enormous list of scholarships administered by OSAC for OCF, please visit The site lets students search for scholarships that fit their needs and provides an electronic application form and instructions on how to apply. Applicants need to complete only one common application online for the portfolio of scholarships administered by OSAC.

    OSAC applications are available online beginning in November and are accepted through March 1 for the approaching academic year. Visit for updates and additional information.

  • Scholarships Through OCF

    OCF Scholarships Administered Solely by OCF

    Paper application forms are available below. All scholarships have a deadline of March 1st for the following academic year, unless otherwise stated.

    Darlene Hooley Scholarship for Oregon Veterans

    For Oregon National Guard and Oregon Reservists who have served or been deployed overseas in the post-9/11 conflict, also known as the Global War on Terror. Download the application - accepted on a continuous basis.

    Earl and Jane Ferguson Scholarship Fund

    For graduates of Klamath County high schools, who plan to pursue an undergraduate degree at an educational institution in the United States. Download the application.

    Howard Vollum American Indian Scholarship

    For Native American residents of Clackamas, Multnomah or Washington counties in Oregon or Clark County in Washington, who are seeking a post-secondary degree in science, computer science, engineering or math. Download the application.

    Institute for Cultural Initiatives Scholarship

    For bi-lingual (Spanish/ English) Latino students who are graduates of an Oregon high school, received a GED in Oregon, or completed home school in Oregon, and plan to enroll or are enrolled at a community college in Oregon.  Download the application.

    James R. and Mary Jane Drury Scholarship

    For graduates of McKenzie River High School in Finn Rock, Oregon, to attend Oregon State University for the pursuit of a degree from the College of Forestry. Download the application.

    Mabel and Allan MacKenzie Scholarship

    For Black and/or African American graduates of any high school in Deschutes County planning to attend or attending a community college in Oregon. Participation in traditional competitive high school sports, athletic teams or athletic clubs is a requirement. Must demonstrate financial need. Download the application.

    St. Andrew's Society Scholarship

    For Oregon high school graduates who were born in Scotland or who have a parent or grandparent who was born in Scotland, or who have demonstrated a significant commitment to Highland dancing, piping, drumming, Celtic harp or Highland fiddle. Please review the criteria before applying. Download the application and the recommendation form.

    Verl and Dorothy Miller Native American Vocational Scholarship

    For Native American residents of Oregon who are seeking vocational training or certification. Download the application.

    Staff Assistance

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  • Scholarships Recipient Stories

    OCF Scholarship Recipient Stories

    OCF scholarships support Oregon scholars from all over the state. Each recipient has a a unique story, goals and passions. Here is a story from one of our recipients.     

    Cassandra Van Atta

    Cassandra Van Atta is a senior from Myrtle Creek, Oregon, attending the University of Montana – Western. She is double majoring in Integrative Biology and Natural Horsemanship and after graduating with her bachelor’s degree, plans to attend veterinary school, specializing in working with large animals.  In her free time, Cassandra enjoys riding horses, raising chickens and gardening. This summer, she volunteered at Countryside Veterinary Clinic where she gained valuable experience working with local veterinarians. Cassandra was awarded the Lilja Family Fund Scholarship and the Western Veterinary  Scholarship for the 2017-18 school year. Congratulations Cassandra!                                                          

    Candi Clark 

    Candi Clark received a scholarship from the Madison Charitable Fund for the 2018-19 school year. Candi has since graduated from nursing school at Umpqua Community College and is now working as a registered nurse at her local hospital. Candi said, “The Madison Scholarship Fund enabled me to work towards my dreams and achieve them. The Fund was such a blessing to me, allowing me to focus on my studies.”

  • Scholarship Donor Stories

    Our scholarships are as varied as Oregon's landscape.

    Take some time to read a few of their stories.

  • Scholarship FAQs

    Scholarship FAQs

    When can I apply for a scholarship?

    The application window is January 1 through March 1 each year for the following academic year.

    How complicated is it to apply?

    For most scholarships, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The scholarship application itself requires student contact information, educational history, career goals, and — in most cases — information about the student's finances. Attachments to the application include an activities worksheet, school transcripts, and several short essays.

    How do I know if I'm eligible for a scholarship?

    Please review the individual scholarship descriptions to determine your eligibility. Most OCF scholarships can be found at However, a few scholarships are listed on OCF’s website (please see Scholarships Through OCF).

    Am I eligible for a scholarship if I'm planning to attend a vocational school?

    We have many scholarships for vocational students. Please read our scholarship descriptions to learn more.

    What is the average amount awarded?

    About $2,700, though awards range from $200 to $10,000.

    How are recipients selected?

    The first step is to ensure a student’s eligibility for a particular scholarship. The second step is to reduce the pool of applicants to those who seem to best fit a particular scholarship’s criteria. The third step is to have a scholarship committee review the final pool of applications to identify the best candidates. A student’s personal essays are crucial at this point, because they supply information about the student that may not be evident in educational transcripts or a list of activities.

    When will I know if I've been selected?

     It depends on the scholarship. Some students hear in May, but others may not hear until August.

    How are awards paid?

    Scholarship awards are paid directly to the educational institution once the student's enrollment has been verified. Generally, awards are paid term by term or semester by semester.

    What if I attend only one semester?

    Your scholarship award is meant to offset the cost of attendance over a full academic year. If you attend for only one of the two semesters, your award will be reduced by half. Similarly, if you attend only two of three quarters, your award will be reduced by one-third.

    I received a scholarship this year. Can I apply for the same scholarship next year?

    Some scholarships allow renewal and others don't. You are probably eligible for many scholarships, so you should apply every year. Check the award notice for your current scholarship to find out if you can apply for renewal.