Engaging Boomers to Address Oregon’s Needs in Early Childhood Care and Education

12/15/2009 Report

Oregon, like the rest of the nation, is aging. In 2005, 24 percent of Oregonians were over age 55. By 2025, this percentage will rise to 30 percent. According to national survey research, four out of five people over 50 say they will continue to work full- or part-time in retirement, either for money or enjoyment. Moreover, half of Americans ages 50 to 70 say they want to do work in retirement that improves life in their communities.

In April 2008, The Oregon Community Foundation received a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies to test ways of engagi Boomers to use their skills and experience to address Oregon’s needs in early childhood education. As part of this effort, OCF commissioned Oregon State University to conduct research about engaging Boomers in early childhood. Their report and related materials are now available for download:

Also, OCF partnered with Technical Assistance for Community Services (TACS) to research and write a report assessing older adult engagement in Oregon. OCF released this report, The Oregon Community Experience Partnership, in June 2007. Download the assessment report:

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