Parenting Education Mapping Report

5/8/2009 Report

The Oregon Community Foundation believes that all parents can benefit from education programs that help them build strong family relationships and do the best job they can as their children’s first and most important teachers.  OCF also believes that every Oregon community should have a range of parenting education and support services for parents of all circumstances.

The Oregon Community Foundation and The Ford Family Foundation jointly commissioned Oregon State University’s College of Health and Human Sciences to produce a report on the current status of parenting education programs in Oregon.  

  • A Snapshot of Parenting Education in Oregon (PDF)
  • Appendix 1: Communities and School Districts Served by Parenting Education Programming (PDF - now available)
  • Appendix 2: Oregon Parenting Education Directory (PDF - now available)
  • Appendix 3: Target Audiences, Types of Services, and Models of Service Delivery by County (PDF - now available)

The OSU report and searchable map are available here. If your organization would like to be included in the directory of your organization's listing needs to be updated, please contact Denise Rennekamp at Oregon State University.

If you have any questions about this research, please contact Mary Louise McClintock, OCF’s Early Childhood Program director: 503.227.6846 or via email.